Ferguson – A Shadow of an American Civil War or Genocide? A Repeat Performance of Business as Usual


The Tongue of a Ready Writer!

We have received some very serious responses to our recent article on “Starting Over is Hard to Do”. Many people are hurting and stuck in a place they do not want, or need to be. They say there seems to be “no way out”. Others say they want to secure a better financial future. Then […]

Eleven Steps to Help You Start a New Life!

Most of you probably have seen many of my posts promoting change. But what about starting over? During your life, you may have been forced to change for one reason or another. Being forced to change can be frightening. But given the opportunity to plan and make preparation is so much better. I know that […]

When Starting Over is Hard to Do!

Recently we posted a FB message titled: Eleven Steps to Help You Start a New Life! We received many responses and approvals from our readers. One reader requested more details about how to accomplish the start of a new life. His request is based upon some key points we included in our post. To read […]

Pray for Your Children!

Pray for your children today. Plead the blood of Jesus over them each day. Never take for granted that your children are okay. Check on them closely. Look them in the eye. Talk to them. Ask them questions. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you anything you need to know. Then lay hands on […]

Do You Find Yourself Anxious Most of the Time or At Peace?

Do You Find Yourself Anxious Most of the Time or At Peace? Whenever you find yourself anxious about something, your actions will usually end up in error. But if you have peace, you can most often than not, make the right decisions. Anxiousness is like the enemy trying to get you to do something impulsively. […]

Important Ingredients for Good Health, Healthy Living and a Healthy Lifestyle

As you begin to make decisions about the things you want and need, the top priority should be good health. Without good health, everything seems less important. So if possible, refocus on what matters most-you! Also make sure your family is well. Start a plan to manage and maintain healthy a ┬álifestyle. To help you […]