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The Tongue of a Ready Writer!

We have received some very serious responses to our recent article on “Starting Over is Hard to Do”. Many people are hurting and stuck in a place they do not want, or need to be. They say there seems to be “no way out”. Others say they want to secure a better financial future. Then there are those who say they want to leap into change because it is time. For others, they say they are forced to start over due to unforeseen circumstances. But those who have written to tell me they are physically, emotionally, and financially trapped, because someone has them bound by neglect and fear, is the worst I have read so far. No one should have to face such atrocity.

Being bound with no way out, makes me cringe. I am uncomfortable when I read about people hurting because another human being has them crippled through physical, emotional, and financial abuse. The purpose of our articles is to reach hurting people. And we will continue in this purpose. Our goal is to educate, inform, support, and coach people through tough times. We work hard at doing this! We also aim to help increase the quality of life for everyone who desires quality living and increase. There are those who are comfortable and happy, but know there is more to life than what they are experiencing.

Through our article writing we desire to minister to and coach people from their pain, to successful gain. We want to show people how to walk into their destiny, and walk out of their past. We realize that not everyone who requests our help is available to attend our coaching clinic. Therefore, we address real human issues through our writing platform. We believe that the ministry and preaching platform is not limited to the podium, lectern, or physical altar. Writing is one of the many platforms in which God has created to reach His people. This is why our articles seem quite long, for some. But those who are in a season of wanting change now, find something in our articles that they need to get them through the moment. Some people have told us that what they need is a listening ear; an immediate response to their questions; advice on starting over; or coaching through their decision to make a “right-now” exit .

We never know who reads what we write. So we put our trust in God’s authority to lead our heart to pen His words. We have offered our head, heart, and hands to God. And ultimately, He guides our thoughts. Therefore, we believe that [our] “…tongue is the pen of a ready writer” Psalm 45:1

Giving you strength for the journey,
Dr. Wendy


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