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Important Ingredients for Good Health, Healthy Living and a Healthy Lifestyle

As you begin to make decisions about the things you want and need, the top priority should be good health. Without good health, everything seems less important. So if possible, refocus on what matters most-you! Also make sure your family is well. Start a plan to manage and maintain healthy a  lifestyle.

To help you develop a mindset for good health, healthy living, and a healthy lifestyle, follow the voice within. God, through His Holy Spirit will nudge and remind you of what is important. It is important to remember that Jesus died so that you could have an abundant life. Without abundant health, life becomes more difficult than it has to be.

Resolve to do these things for good health and a healthier lifestyle:

1) Eat well, sleep well, exercise well, listen and pray!

2) Take your vitamins daily

3) Eat plenty of (colorful) vegetables; try eating green and add some raw vegetables when possible

4) Drink the necessary daily intake of water

5) Get plenty of sunshine

6) Remove all stress-related activities

7) Let your “No” mean “No”. Only say yes to what you can do at the moment

8) Evaluate your moment by moment, if it does not feel right, and you know it is not right, do not agree to it

9) Watch less TV this year, and take a mild break from the internet

10) Take at least one vacation; go on a retreat; have spa days; and get a nice, comfortable hotel room-just for you; meditate, think, pray, and enjoy yourself by yourself

11) Read more, study more, write more

12) Do not (procrastinate) or put off until tomorrow what you can reasonably do today

13) Make your doctor’s appointments for annual checkups early in the year. Be a more informed advocate for your health. Be prepared to ask a lot of questions. Get an understanding of what you learn, and follow doctor’s orders-if it’s right for you.

Here are some extra tips that contribute greatly to great health, healthy living, and a healthy lifestyle:

Follow the natural laws: Make sure you have auto insurance, home insurance, and drive the speed limit; refrain from cutting people off in traffic, and leave home early enough to allow for distractions when heading toward your destination.

Write your plan, set short-term and long-term goals, make a vision board, post it, and view it everyday.

Finally, make a decision to get connected to a Word teaching church; get closer to God; take notes when you study the Bible, and review those notes and allow the Holy Spirit to speak directly to you as you sit quietly and study.

Think positive, be kind, give more, and be willing to learn all you can.

Take from this what you need; discard or ignore what you do not want.

I am evaluating this list for my family and me. It works! Just take it one day and one activity at a time. I know you will enjoy the outcome. Besides, you have all year to try just one of these.

Giving you strength for the journey,
Dr. Wendy


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