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If Discouragement is a Symptom in Your Life, You Can Break it Today!

     ENCOURAGEMENT FOR YOU TODAY! by Dr. Wendy Campbell, Senior Pastor Discouragement, like any negative thought or feeling, is a symptom. Any symptom can be broken. The symptom breaker for discouragement is the Word of God. Whenever you find yourself discouraged and somewhat downtrodden, do not be hard on yourself. Even others may be […]

MAKING THE CASE: Women Walking in the High Calling of God: Can Women Preachers Serve from the Pulpit Without Causing Repulsiveness Among Male Clergy?

Los Angeles, CA December 2, 2012 – “Making the Case” is about a longstanding moral debate within the Church of Jesus Christ that addresses the issue of gender bias. Specifically, statistics show that clergymen who believe a woman should not sit in positions of authority, such as pastor, bishop, apostle, etc., where women lead and/or teach men, […]