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Spiritual Formation -Take back your life by force!

“When we connect the world to Christ, create a heart change in our lives and the lives of God’s people, and increase the quality of life in others, there will be a spiritual formation in people’s lives.” © 2012 Dr. Wendy Campbell

As you probably know, a number of people have left the church. Many more have left God; and the idea of congregating as a body is not a priority for so many others.

Then there is a huge segment of people who attend church, but do not have a personal relationship with God. Still, there are many who do not read or study their Bibles, pray at home, or engage in any number of spiritual disciplines essential to living a successful Christian life.

Whether a person fits into one or all of these categories, there is a segment of the Christian community that needs to be reminded of the Covenant which God established with our Father Abraham in order for us to continue to partake of the blessings promised to us as a people.

When these principles, which I have called spiritual disciplines, have not been followed or practiced, it is easy to lose interest in the things of God, and therefore, walk totally away from Him. In our Covenant agreement made between God and Abraham, one of the main stipulations made was that to continue to receive the blessings of God, every generation after Abraham must keep up their relationship with God and obey Him. (Genesis 17:7-14)

It is impossible to obey God when His principles are not followed. And the very act of not following Godly principles is walking in disobedience. Disobedience opens the door for ungodly attacks against ones finances, physical body, relationships, emotions, and the human spirit. Then there is confusion, and every evil work operating.

There are so many who believe that they have no responsibility in what happens to them. Many sit back and just allow things to happen, and then blame God. But we do have a responsibility to “work out our own salvation”. (Philippians 2:12)

We are ultimately responsible for walking into our destiny. When our destiny is aborted, it is because of choices we make. But because of the grace and mercy of God, we will have a destiny, although it will not be God’s perfect will; it will be His permissible will. The best life chosen by God is what He originally intended.

Ultimately, so many people’s lives are in a wreck, and their hope and faith in God have been diminished. The Word tells us that it “is impossible to please God without faith”. (Hebrews 11:6)

So, now we have a separation between God and man. Through separation comes death and destruction – Satan’s ultimate weapon.

Finally, Satan’s work has been accomplished, and God’s plan for man has been destroyed. As the called, we have a mandate to work for the cause of Christ with every waking moment. God created a method by which we are to be reconciled to Him through Jesus Christ. The process of spiritual formation is that method.

The method of God is to fellowship with Him daily. And in that daily fellowship is a process where we must incorporate spiritual disciplines.

These disciplines involve prayer, study, meditation, serving, giving, church attendance, private and public communion, confessing sins, praise and worship, and interceding for others and the world.

When this method is followed, we are able to live with consistency in faith, work, and fellowship with God. But we also need the Holy Spirit. For it is the Spirit of God that helps us to maintain our relationship with God, and thus we are able to maintain the spiritual disciplines to create a quality of life in Christ.

God is the Creator of all things. Man is producer. This means that we are to take what God has created and produce the life God intended for us to have. Without the implementation of spiritual disciplines with the Holy Spirit fully involved, we are unable to live a consistent life pleasing to God. When we live a pleasing life, then we can do great exploits in the world.

God says, “Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to everyone”. (Mark 16:15 NLT)

We may not be able to walk everywhere Jesus did, but we can travel through a life of obedience and be as effective. If we find it difficult to go through the process of God’s methods, we have Jesus as our Advocate, who prays for us daily. We must pray in His name to the Father to ask for the help we need through the Holy Spirit.

In our prayer, we must remember to bind the enemy and command what is ours. We are commanded to take back what the devil has stolen and use it for God’s glory. We belong to God, and we have a right and responsibility to “take back [our life] by force”.(Matthew 11 :12)

Therefore, take back your life through the process of God’s methods by implementing all the spiritual disciplines designed to bring you success!

Giving You Strength for the Journey,

Dr. Wendy


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