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Giving You Strength for the Journey!

Welcome to Giving You Strength for the Journey!

We are so glad you stopped by today!  “Giving You Strength for the Journey!”  is an online publication created just for you. We hope to bring you an inspiration of hope, meditation for the heart, and prudence to apply wisdom.
Many times, good people like you and me just need a word of encouragement, a little steam in our engine, a toot to our own horn, or an inspired word to spur us on. While our aim is to do all of this and more, we must note that we are a Christian publication dedicated to proclaiming the name of Jesus Christ, spreading the gospel, and sharing Biblical truths to set people free.
The Founder of this site, Dr.Wendy  Campbell, is an Author, Writer, Spiritual and Life Coach to Women, Conference Host, and Bible Study teacher. Often, she seeks ways to uplift others, especially women, through the Word of God. One of the ways Dr. Wendy accomplishes her mission is through her writing.
In Dr. Wendy’s creative writing, you will find some of her most inspired work, as she enjoys “Giving You Strength for the Journey!”  So many of us are compelled to take the journey through life, as we are called by God to walk faithfully. “Giving You Strength for the Journey!” is an excellent vehicle by which to encourage anyone seeking a higher, more meaningful life in Jesus Christ.
The articles by Dr. Wendy will spur you on to find your greatest strength during a time of weakness. Each one will build your courage when you have become  fainthearted.  And most of all, these writings will draw you closer to the Father, who waits for you in the midnight hour. Come, and be blessed, refreshed, uplifted, and changed to become a newer you.
Finally, this blog offers you the opportunity to respond with requests, comments, questions, and/or support for the work intended here, and elsewhere. If you find this blog helpful in any way, we would love to hear from you.
We also welcome your opinion, as we have plenty of room for growth. You may send an email to sbmministries@gmail.com for any communication needs you may have. You may tweet Dr. Wendy @DrWendy_ to connect with her daily.
We also urge you to visit Dr. Wendy’s Facebook profile page at DrWendy Campbell; “Like” her public page at Dr. Wendy Campbell; and join The Facebook Church group, where she is a noted Pastor and Ordained Minister.
Together, these pages connect you and Dr. Wendy to more than 5,000 subscribers each day. Now, with a billion subscribers on Facebook, and many others engaged in the social media network, we never know who may come across our path with a need for encouragement. Many come for various other reasons as well; some of which are to ask for counseling, prayer, spiritual guidance, one-on-one spiritual, life coaching, or just to say hello; we appreciate what you are doing.
You may visit Dr. Wendy’s website at http://www.spiritualbeginningsministries.com, where you may leave her messages, request prayer, and read many articles, sermons, and other published work.
Following is a link to each of Dr. Wendy’s Facebook pages:
In closing, feel free to share any article with family, friends, and others you believe will benefit from reading “Giving You Strength for the Journey!”, or any of Dr. Wendy’s writings.

You can share with others by clicking the share button below, as well as emailing or printing out a copy for yourself. And, you always have the option to do it the old fashion way, by copying and pasting the entire document.

Thank you for visiting with us today. We pray that you will come back to visit again, or as often as you like.
Our Team
Giving You Strength for the Journey!

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